Vaccination is an important part of preventing disease. However, not all vaccines are 100% effective. So vaccination recommendations are different for different farms based on your horses’ risk of disease, the prevalence of the infections in your area this year, the efficacy of the vaccine, where your horses are traveling, the movement of horses on and off your farm, the age and sex of your horses and your budget”. For more information on how to decide which vaccines are best for your horses, please refer to the AAEP link at the bottom of the page or give your vet a call.

Equine Vaccine Recommendations

This table is intended for a general reference. Specific application to your herd should be discussed with your veterinarian. Your needs, circumstances and medical history may vary from the general population and vaccination protocols should be tailored to each farm individually.

Disease Recommendation
Rabies Annual Booster
Tetanus Annual booster
Equine Viral Arteritis Annual booster for stallions prior to breeding season
Botulism Annual booster
Encephalomyelitis Annual booster in May
Influenza Booster every 6 months or before show show/race season
Rhinopneumonitis Booster every 3-4 months (Questionable efficacy to prevent resp. disease)
Strangles Booster every 6 months or before show/race season
Viral Abortion Booster at 5, 7 and 9 months of pregnancy
West Nile Virus Two initial vaccines 3 to 6 weeks apart followed by an annual booster.

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